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I believe that energy (frequency and vibration and the stuff we listen to from deep within us) holds juicy information that we get to use to live deeply resonant lives. It's our job to tap into that, and use it to align to our spirit, our energetic awareness and our truth. When we tune-in and play with energy, all kinds of magical things happen!

Will the August Eclipse Energy Shift What You Do?

I’ve been turning my energetic eye to August over the past few days, mostly because I’m already starting to feel rumblings of that eclipse energy and a different vibe poking at my energy. In my head, I keep hearing that boxing guy say, “Let’s get ready to rumble!”

My guides have […]

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Feeling Too Busy? Your Spirit May Be Done With That.

“I’m too busy.”

I hear this a lot with my clients. And many of them are too busy. I listen to what all goes on in their day and my head spins. Between kids, work, and life, there really is no time, it seems, to slow down and tune into themselves.
I […]

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Can’t Carve Out Time for Your Inner Work? Here’s How. – Podcast Episode 3

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In this episode…
How can you do your inner work when you feel like there’s just no time?

In episode 3, I’m talking about the ongoing battle so many people have juggling their busy daily lives and the need to take time for personal process […]

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3 Energetic Steps to Finding That New Job Of Yours.

It’s time for a new job… new work. Sigh.

There’s often a feeling heavy feeling that comes with the realization it’s time to move on.

What’s to come next can be a mystery. And if the job you’re in has burnt you to a crisp, the last thing you want to be doing […]

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