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I believe that energy (frequency and vibration and the stuff we listen to from deep within us) holds juicy information that we get to use to live deeply resonant lives. It's our job to tap into that, and use it to align to our spirit, our energetic awareness and our truth. When we tune-in and play with energy, all kinds of magical things happen!

You Are Always Being Guided. But Are You Listening?

The other day I was listening to someone talk about flexibility, the kind of flexibility we need to have when we set course to making things happen in our lives. We can so easily get stuck on how we think things should play out, that we don’t see the opportunities […]

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3 Reasons Why Intuitive Energy Work Can Be Your Best Personal Growth Tool

Whether I’m working on my own, or with a coach, there’s a certain “factor” within the process that I look for when I do any kind of personal work: a level of intuitive energy work that takes┬áme into my energetic awareness and creative process.

When this energetic exploration is the […]

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How to {finally} surrender.

I may have done it. I may have found a way to surrender… finally.

On the outside, my life looks peaceful. On the inside, I have been at war.

I have been fighting myself and my own ideas around what I “should” be doing… forcing a square peg into a round hole.

I’ve […]

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Today, your homework is to find magic.

So many of the women I work with feel caught up in a life that is dragging them down. They feel a bit lost, confused about what may have them feeling stuck, ready for change, and not knowing what direction to go in.

They know there is more out there than […]

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