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  • guided

You Are Always Being Guided. But Are You Listening?

The other day I was listening to someone talk about flexibility, the kind of flexibility we need to have when we set course to making things happen in our lives. We can so easily get stuck on how we think things should play out, that we don’t see the opportunities that are guiding us to where we want to be.

As I was listening to this, the thought kept coming into my mind of how easy […]

  • intuitive energy work

3 Reasons Why Intuitive Energy Work Can Be Your Best Personal Growth Tool

Whether I’m working on my own, or with a coach, there’s a certain “factor” within the process that I look for when I do any kind of personal work: a level of intuitive energy work that takes me into my energetic awareness and creative process.

When this energetic exploration is the focal point for my personal growth, the work quickly takes me out of my head and into a creative, energetic space to see beyond what […]

  • surrender

How to {finally} surrender.

I may have done it. I may have found a way to surrender… finally.

On the outside, my life looks peaceful. On the inside, I have been at war.

I have been fighting myself and my own ideas around what I “should” be doing… forcing a square peg into a round hole.

I’ve been battling the Universe too. Thankfully the Universe is patient; it’s there gently waiting for me to figure this out.
This fight has left me feeling like […]

  • magic

Today, your homework is to find magic.

So many of the women I work with feel caught up in a life that is dragging them down. They feel a bit lost, confused about what may have them feeling stuck, ready for change, and not knowing what direction to go in.

They know there is more out there than what they are experiencing. And there is; I call it magic.

I’m not talking about hocus-pocus, but those moments of beauty, insight and something magical that […]

  • journaljunkie

Become a journal junkie

I’ve not always been a big journaler; even now I’m pretty sure “journaling purists” would laugh me out of the building. But I do see great value in always having pen and paper at the ready.

If you are being called to tap back into the depths of your own Truth, then getting used to carrying around a beautiful little journal would be well worth your time.

I invite you to become a journaling rule breaker with […]

  • runes

Runes: quick, simple, clear answers.

I picked up this little book and a bag of runes about 30 years ago. I was curious, and just getting into all of this energy work. Over the years I’ve used my runes off and on, but lately, they’ve really been speaking to me.

Here’s what I love about them: they are quick, simple and clear in their message.

Don’t get me wrong, the messages themselves can be deep, but the process is easy.

I’ll be honest, I […]

  • make things happen

It’s March. Um, it may be time to get off your tuchus.

It’s March. It’s usually right about now when I look up and realize that I better get off my tuchus and make things happen.

You too. Maybe you have… but maybe you haven’t.

This past weekend may have kicked you into gear energetically. We had a new moon and an eclipse. As usual, the energy knocked some people for a loop and energized others. Either way, there’s something there for you to act upon.
Let’s start with if you got […]

  • intuition_Success

Intuitive hustle: using your intuition to create success

Intuition and success. A lot of people wouldn’t put those two words together.

In fact, just the other day I was talking with a woman about her business who said, “I don’t know if this is how intuition could be used, but I’d like to know how to use my intuition to help create success.

Right then I realized that “intuition” is really misunderstood… still.

Let me back up here for just a second and say that I’ve been […]

  • the shift2

Woman Power and The Shift

I’ve been talking about “the shift” for over 10 years now.

Over the years, I’ve been walking along this winding path, connecting with people along the way who have been waking up to their own inner awareness, their energetic beingness, and their power.

It started with a small group of what I’d call “high-level” healers — a small band of women. We started having conversations around light language and grids, long before those became known to the masses.

There […]

  • innerwisdom_noise

5 tips to listening to your inner wisdom in all this noise.

How do you listen to your inner wisdom – your intuition – when the world around you is on fire?

How do you stay centered and on a mission when everywhere you look there is upheaval?

There is an incredible amount of noise out there right now. And it is easy to get caught up in it… or want to head to the couch and hide away.

Now, I fully realize all the crazy topsy-turvy, divisive, angry mess we […]

  • uppity healing

Uppity Healing

There’s a strong vibe out there in the world that I see a lot of women grabbing onto, and using to do some serious up-leveling — growing both personally and with their work in the world.

It’s a shift that has certain people waking up to the fact that what they’ve been doing isn’t working for them, and that they need to make some new decisions.

It’s an energy that has women looking at their lives and […]

  • family pattern

Oh, the Family Patterns We Weave

When I do my own energy work and tap into the unseen world for answers, I pull from every possible way that I’ve learned to work with energy.

I know a lot of energy workers who stick to one modality; not me. I gather up every trick I have in my back pocket to figure things out. And this past weekend — over New Years — I was in “figure out” mode big time. There was a […]