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  • eclipse1

Will the August Eclipse Energy Shift What You Do?

I’ve been turning my energetic eye to August over the past few days, mostly because I’m already starting to feel rumblings of that eclipse energy and a different vibe poking at my energy. In my head, I keep hearing that boxing guy say, “Let’s get ready to rumble!”

My guides have a sense of humor… but what they’re telling me is that with all the energetic activity coming our way, there’s gonna be a RUMBLE – […]

  • busyfb

Feeling Too Busy? Your Spirit May Be Done With That.

“I’m too busy.”

I hear this a lot with my clients. And many of them are too busy. I listen to what all goes on in their day and my head spins. Between kids, work, and life, there really is no time, it seems, to slow down and tune into themselves.
I think it is easy to get stuck in “busy.”
First, let’s just toss out the guilt that comes in when you do decide to take time […]

  • newjob

3 Energetic Steps to Finding That New Job Of Yours.

It’s time for a new job… new work. Sigh.

There’s often a feeling heavy feeling that comes with the realization it’s time to move on.

What’s to come next can be a mystery. And if the job you’re in has burnt you to a crisp, the last thing you want to be doing is launching into the big work of finding something new, even though you know it’s what you need.
Finding that new job of yours doesn’t have […]

  • change_blog

Here’s Another Big Life Altering Change. Now What?

Hang on, you may be in the midst of another big life altering change.

Being on a life journey, like you are, you’re bound to wake up every now and again and recognize that to keep moving forward, something old has to change.

Sometimes that’s a simple fix; you see the issue, you recognize the solution, and you go for it. Bam, you’re feeling back on track. Oh, man, I love those simple life decisions!

Other times, you […]

  • goal23

There’s an Energy Shift Happening That Might Just Change You, Big Time.

There’s an energy shift in play that’s got me feeling inspired.

Something’s in the air. The energy is crackling again. We’re coming up on a full moon (Sunday) and we’ve turned the corner seasonally with the solstice, which always brings change.

But, it’s more than just the moon and the solstice. I sense a vibrational up-leveling in play that’s ready to whoosh through at the personal level, where you and I get to step into our next […]

  • grounded

4 Signs You’re Not Grounded and What to Do About It.

Grounding is one of those funny things. Thirty years ago, when I was first starting to work with energy, “being grounded” was about running a cord down into the earth to anchor in and to let excess energy release.
That was then, this is now.
These days, grounding goes beyond just anchoring into the Earth. It’s not about simply feeling centered, nor is it the same as what people refer to as “earthing,” which might look like physically […]

  • soulful work

Are You Ready for More Soulful Work?

The more conscious you become, the harder it gets to stay in situations that simply don’t honor your new-found energy. And for many, there is no bigger test of this spiritual up-leveling than with their work.

I personally believe that more and more people are waking up and realizing that their work is no longer aligned… and that misalignment is all of a sudden just too much to bear.

A fire is being lit that is driving […]

  • jobhate

Can You Leave That Job You Hate?

For years I worked at a job I hated. I was miserable… yet I felt like I had no way to change things. Monday would roll around and I’d sink into the idea of another week of work. I felt a little dead inside.

I was good at this job, and it supported me well. Yet deep down, I knew I was to be doing healing work. For years I had studied my craft and worked “on […]

  • 5nextleveluplevel

5 Next Level Tips to Help You Up-level

I know this word “up-level” gets tossed around a lot, but it’s still a word I use quite often as it seems to hit the mark for me whenever I am shifting energetically and emotionally.

This process of transforming into a new level of awareness means everything has to re-arrange. Your thinking, your frequency, and your body systems all need to bump up and be able to hold this new you, before you can call it a […]