I’ve gotcha covered… 

Here are a few resources to support you in the personal work you are doing and give you a better sense of what I’m up to with the work I do!

“Trust Your Inner Wisdom podcast.”

Learning to trust your inner wisdom is huge. It takes practice and an understanding of how you tap into the information that is accessible to you.

Here’s a podcast for you on developing that trust, with a few exercises that you can do on your own to help build that rapport.

With over 30 years of experience working as an intuitive, I can offer you a way to build your own intuitive muscle and understand your experience enough to trust it!

Get the download here!



6 Transformational Life Lessons
Less Struggle. More Awareness. Because You’ve Got Stuff to Do.

Get your copy here.

In this e-book I’m going to share with you what I’ve learned about working on the “inner stuff” – the energetic focus that’s helped me, and my clients, transform what holds us back from getting out there and doing what we’re here to do.

You have something to do. I know you do. It may be more transpersonal in nature, like figuring out how to show up more fully to your life, to stand in your power, or break free from some long-held belief that’s holding you back. Or, you may have a very real mission for yourself right now, such as finding a job that lets you be the leader you are, starting a business, starting a family, getting out into your community and making a change, or manifesting the life you have always envisioned, yet haven’t been able
to sustain.

I’m guessing you’re working on both levels. We always do. None of us can create a new outer expression of who we are without transforming our inner world.

So, this little e-book has 6 big lessons I’ve learned along the way to help you with your own healing; transformational life lessons to help you get out of struggle, create more awareness, and get out there and do your thing.

“Essential Oils – Energy Style podcast.”

A few years back you wouldn’t hear me talking about essential oils, but then something happened. I was guided to them, and my life has never been the same! I’m a true believer in the power of Young Living essential oils as tools for well-being across the board.

Take a listen to this fast-paced, ground-up lecture on all things oily. It’s a great way to learn what Young Living essential oils are about… and what the energetic and emotional application is about too!

Take a listen, then let’s talk or click here to get your oils. I’d be thrilled to help you on your own “oily” journey.