Have you had enough?
Are you ready finally figure out what’s going on
so you can move forward in life?

Then, buckle in because we’re going to get into what’s happening energetically that’s impacting you, and clear some things up.

Healing work is not one size fits all. What you have going on is never like what someone else is working through. And because of that, I don’t have “a program” that I will be shuttling you through. There is no pre-conceived plan or agenda here.

You and your energy will be guiding the process here. The good news is, you and your energy know exactly what’s needed to shift things… and you will.

Don’t expect this to be like any ordinary life-coaching. 

Coaching is a hat I wear, but it’s just one of many! First and foremost you get me as a psychic so you quickly see, sense and transform those energetic patterns that are getting in your way.

Step one is to simply talk. Set up a consultation by phone or Zoom web chat. I work with people all over the globe, so no matter where you are, we can connect and explore what’s up and how I can help.

Let’s talk about what you want, what’s in the way, and create a plan to help that’s unique to you.

If you’re wondering if working with me is right for you, click here to learn more about who I work with.

THIS is how I hold healing — and you — through the process.

12244715_10153163015504147_2073901488091090965_oI believe in the healing power of being seen. Healing must be done in the light… witnessed. No more hiding, no more shame, no more going it alone. In fact, if you’ve been having trouble living your Truth… then working with someone to be seen is a must.

There’s value in seeking out help. There’s beauty in that. The Universe lets out a big sigh when we connect around our healing.

Here’s what my work is about, and how I best serve you:

I’m an energy healer. I go there; I get into your energy and help name what’s bogging you down. I help you experience your own energy in a way that lets you learn from it and transform it.

I get in there and do a whole lot of energy work with you.

I’m a mentor. This is where I say, “Honey, I’ve been there.” And believe me, I have. I’ve practiced struggle, lack, fear, and shame… all through the lens of my work. I’ve driven myself to exhaustion at a corporate job, feeling disconnected to my Soul. I’ve played every game there is around “busy-ness,” thinking if I just did more then I’d get it all to work out.

I’m going to model some better ways to get through life, so you learn from my experience.

I’m grounded in my intuition and spirituality. I know that the Universe is a creative place, and to tap into deep levels of transformation the work must be creative and soul-full. I hold space for beautiful messes that transform into beautiful clarity so you move forward in your own spirituality.

I’m big on making transformation playful, easy and downright yummy.

I believe in energy. I know that everything has a frequency to it and that everything holds a level of information… including everything that’s in play with you. Learning how to play in this space and create your own way of accessing your information is vital to your everyday life.

I work with a beautiful tribe of radically normal women, who believe in energy too.

I’m a coach. I’m going to be there to help you figure out how to powerfully step into some new action, and get you through the tension that comes up as you shift your mindset, let go of old beliefs, and figure out how to step up into more.

I get that awareness is not the end game. You doing something new, something that changes you and improves your life, is where it’s at.

What people are saying…

Let’s get this healing started!

A note about who I work with.

I know that since you are paying for help here, you want to have someone help you shift gears and support you in being accountable for the change you seek. I’ll do that, gently. I give homework. Sometimes that’s energetic and sometimes it’s designed to get you up and out and in action. And, I expect you to put your all into the work we do, so you do see that transformation you seek.

I’m also guessing that you don’t want to spend months and months and months slogging through every issue to figure things out.

It will take more than 90-minutes… so expect us to work together for about 2 months. That’s only 8 sessions. But time and time again I see people end the work in completely new places in life. And, I love that I have such great relationships with my clients that they come back when they need to hit the next level of growth!

I do know that healing can feel like a beautiful mess at times, so I hold space for you to show up as you are, and fall apart if you need to. The more authentic we both are, the deeper the transformation.

I love to work with women who feel empowered… yet may be having a bit of a set-back; something isn’t working and they’re ready to go for it and create change.

And yeah, I’ve been asked if I work with men too… yes! It’s just that most of the folks who find me seem to be women on a mission!

I also love to work with people who speak a little energy, although that’s not necessary. We will be getting into your energy, so you can have an experience of that and come up with some of your own answers.

I don’t work with everyone who asks because sometimes I am simply not the best fit for you… or you for me. If that’s the case, I will do my best to suggest a better direction.

We all need help at times. We all need someone who can shine the light on what we can’t see and help us stand up to that.

And that’s what I do. 

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