A little about me…

Hey there. I’m Stacy Vajta, a healer, teacher, and mentor. And, here’s the truth about my life… I spent years and years and years pining away for a work-life that my heart ached for, yet I was too afraid to claim.

I used to have a corporate day job. I managed big (and I mean big) corporate events. You know the kind… tons of people, huge stages, speakers, elaborate parties, and meetings sprinkled among the boondoggle.

I jumped through hoops to make my clients happy and juggled massive budgets and spreadsheets. I skipped lunch most days because work was always piling up around me and I worried constantly that I was going to drop a ball or not meet someone’s expectation.

I was miserable. I was making myself sick, literally. Yet, I stayed.

I didn’t believe I could do what I wanted to do; what I knew would make me happy. For years, when I’d talk about what I really wanted to do, my family would respond with doubt and cynicism. They’d tell me that my little “hobby” of helping people transform was just that, a little hobby, and it would never support me.

My unhappiness with work trickled into my “real” life. I’d sit on the couch on the weekends and sometimes not even know what I wanted to do to re-charge my energy and spirit. I was numb.

I finally cracked. I simply could not tolerate what I was doing any longer. I was depressed and unmotivated by life. I was deeply concerned that I’d end up with a life of regret… and un-lived life.

So I quit and took a leap on what my heart and soul needed.

This huge and wonderful life change showed me where I was afraid, who I was giving my power away to, what the family stories were that I was holding, and where my own beliefs were holding me back.

It showed me how I was hiding from me, and devaluing myself. And, it showed me how powerful I could be if I’d let myself live my truth, aligned to my own spirit.

My journey is why I do what I do with you.

More and more people these days are waking up and realizing that their work is no longer aligned with their spirit or their heart… and that misalignment is all of a sudden just too much to bear. I think this new awareness is popping up all over the place because we are living in a time of awakening.

What you do matters. You being happy matters. And when who you are and what you do is out of alignment with your heart and spirit? Well, it ‘aint pretty. The universe seems to make it super clear that something has to change… that you need to change.

Been there, done that! And I love nothing more than to help other people shift into work that makes their hearts sing and supports them to live the life they want.

I’m super grounded and super woo-woo.

That’s a combination that people tell me is odd. For me, it’s what being an “everyday lightworker” is all about.

I’ve got some powerful psychic skills and see energetic patterns and how to unravel them from miles away… literally. I work with people all over the globe.

I work with energy, but probably not in a way you’ve experienced. My intuitive work goes beyond simply “seeing.”  I read frequency like a book and translate that for you so you get what’s really happening at a vibrational level. But I also know how to work with your energy to ease it into transformation. I talk with your spirit, your guides, and you — all together — so you not only “get” what’s going on, but together we transform that energy into some new, with each “aha.”

With a Master’s degree in integral psychology, I also know a little something about how we manage our emotional lives. And, having spent years doing CranialSacral Therapy, I also know what our bodies do when we get stuck, and how our energy and emotions tie back into our bodies.

I also work with Young Living essential oils because right now any energy work we do must integrate with the physical body. And essential oils are masters as supporting that level of integration. It’s a daily practice for me, and many of my clients want to learn to work with them for emotional and energetic support as well. If that’s intriguing to you, I’ll tell you more! They really are amazing vibrational tools that speed along emotional release and real change.

If you are ready to move forward into more soulful work — a more soulful living — apply now for a free consultation.