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I believe that energy (frequency and vibration and the stuff we listen to from deep within us) holds juicy information that we get to use to live deeply resonant lives. It's our job to tap into that, and use it to align to our spirit, our energetic awareness and our truth. When we tune-in and play with energy, all kinds of magical things happen!

What the Heck IS Energy Work, Anyway? – Podcast Episode 12

Energy Work is a bit of a mystery. Let’s simplify it here.
I’m on a mission to help you make your own energy work “everyday energy work.”


In this episode…
In episode 12 of The Everyday Lightworker Podcast, I’m talking about energy… as it relates to intuitive healing work and how you can […]

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What Being Stuck In Busy Is Really All About for Me.

I’ve been incredibly busy and out of balance these past few weeks.  And “busyness” for me isn’t pretty. Yet I tend to live there.

I was going to say this recent bout with busy is because I said “yes” to a project when I should have said “no,” but that’s not […]

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Your Energy, the Equinox, and Co-Creating with Nature – Podcast Episode 11

The Equinox: Friday, September 22, 2017 – 4:02 pm EST
Mama Earth and the Nature Intelligence we work with are waiting for you. Will you sit with us all this equinox?

In this episode…
I’m talking about the equinox and how you can work with the energy to reconnect with Nature and […]

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A Message from the Guides: Push On, Keep Growing.

It’s crazy out there in the world right now. So how you doin’?

This weekend was rough, planet-wide. I recorded my podcast and posted it early so you can listen in. It’s on managing your energy as we move through the chaos.

{Listen to it here}

I have a few friends who live […]

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