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I believe that energy (frequency and vibration and the stuff we listen to from deep within us) holds juicy information that we get to use to live deeply resonant lives. It's our job to tap into that, and use it to align to our spirit, our energetic awareness and our truth. When we tune-in and play with energy, all kinds of magical things happen!

Leaning Into Energy and “The Untethered Soul”

I’ll just say it, I do love this book, “The Untethered Soul.”

I picked it up years ago when it was hot off the press, and have gone through about 3 copies, giving them away to clients. I feel a kinship with the message of this book because it so beautifully […]

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August Mercury Retrograde: How to Work With the Energy – Podcast Episode 6

Are you working with the energetic directive of this Mercury retrograde?
There’s a specific level of energetic information to be focusing on right now.

In this episode…
In episode 6 of The Everyday Lightworker Podcast, I’m talking about Mercury retrograde.

If you dread this cosmic event or think it’s all about problems and computers […]

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It’s Time to Show Up and Be Visible. You Matter.

I’ve had the opportunity over the past few weeks to help a colleague craft a local TEDx Talk she is giving, which is super cool. And last night as we wrapped up a few hours of coaching together, I kept thinking about how important it is to be visible, to […]

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Want to Shift What’s Blocking You? Lean In – Podcast Episode 5

The secret to shifting your energy?
You’ve got to be willing to lean in… to the good, the bad and the not so yummy. Here’s how.

In this episode…
I’m talking about how to shift the emotional energy that has you stuck. You’ll get my step-by-step energetic process that works!
Getting clarity around what […]

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