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  • hustle

What Being Stuck In Busy Is Really All About for Me.

I’ve been incredibly busy and out of balance these past few weeks.  And “busyness” for me isn’t pretty. Yet I tend to live there.

I was going to say this recent bout with busy is because I said “yes” to a project when I should have said “no,” but that’s not true. That’s not what has me out of balance. I have me out of balance.
Today’s the equinox. It’s a good day to be thinking about […]

  • keepgrowingflower

A Message from the Guides: Push On, Keep Growing.

It’s crazy out there in the world right now. So how you doin’?

This weekend was rough, planet-wide. I recorded my podcast and posted it early so you can listen in. It’s on managing your energy as we move through the chaos.

{Listen to it here}

I have a few friends who live in Florida who are facing Irma, facing her with grace. They packed up what they could and left the area. They’re unsure as to what […]

  • energeticintegrity

My Love Hate Relationship with Energetic Integrity

Gosh, it was about five or six years ago now, but I still think about a conversation I had with a client of mine at least once a week.

She and I were talking about something that was going on with her, and I said something to the effect that to really change what she wanted to change, she was going to need to become aware of when she was in energetic integrity with that issue, […]

  • align_commit

Can We Talk About Awakening, and Why It Can Be Crazy Hard?

There’s an incredible amount of change in play. Oh yeah, the awakening. The dial has been cranked up in our personal and global up-leveling.

And, it ain’t always easy.

I’ve been talking about this “awakening” we are in now for over 10 years and have observed its evolution. Initially what was happening with us was so closely tied to our energetic systems shifting — all those weird energy symptoms were the headlines.

Now, the work is about what […]

  • willing

The Most Important Decision You Need To Make to Create a Change.

Do you want to know the most important decision you can make that will allow you to make a personal change, manifest something new, and truly move forward in your own spiritual evolution?
Being willing to change is way more complex than most of us think it is. And it’s where so many people get stuck.

There’s this edge of being willing or not where self-sabotage and resistance dwells; it’s also where spiritual bypassing lives.

Spiritual bypassing may […]

  • untethered2

Leaning Into Energy and “The Untethered Soul”

I’ll just say it, I do love this book, “The Untethered Soul.”

I picked it up years ago when it was hot off the press, and have gone through about 3 copies, giving them away to clients. I feel a kinship with the message of this book because it so beautifully describes how I work with energy, which is summed up by the words: lean in.

Somewhere around page 2, Michael Singer explains that the book is […]

  • visible2

It’s Time to Show Up and Be Visible. You Matter.

I’ve had the opportunity over the past few weeks to help a colleague craft a local TEDx Talk she is giving, which is super cool. And last night as we wrapped up a few hours of coaching together, I kept thinking about how important it is to be visible, to own our beliefs, and speak up about who we are and what’s important to us – and how scary that can feel.

This is true for […]

  • eos_lunar1

Essential Oils for the August Lunar Eclipse

Using essential oils for energetic work is powerful, and with so much energy in play over the coming weeks with the partial lunar eclipse, Mercury retrograde, and the solar eclipse, you’ll want to have your essential oils at the ready.

I’m not an astrologist, but I do know energy. Anytime we have these cosmic events, we have a chance to work with our energy in very focused ways. The lunar eclipse coming up will give you […]

  • energetic boundaries

Energetic Boundaries: They’re Not About Protection

Can we talk about your energetic boundaries for a moment?

If you take on energy, feel burnt out, are energetically overwhelmed, or have a hard time “holding your own,” then we have some work to do.

Most of the time when people feel like this, they focus on their energetic boundaries from the perspective of protection. They’ll ask, “How can I protect my energy?”

Here’s the thing; energetic boundaries are not about protection. They really, really aren’t. I’m […]