Energy Rescue Session

When you need a quick shift.

Sometimes you just need a session to do a little energy work with someone who can see what you can’t; an energy rescue session to help you through a rough patch.

If you’re someone who regularly does energy work, then this is a great way to get some quick help and insight to get you focused on what you need to keep moving forward with more ease.

You can choose how we spend our time together.

Set a clear intention and we’ll make the most out of our session. Think of these as energy snapshots, where we take a look at what your energy is up to and where you’re getting stuck. We’ll talk about that in a way that you truly get it and do some energy work to help you then take it from there, on your own.

If you’re an essential oiler, bring your Young Living oils to the call and we can dip into those for some added support.

All sessions are by phone or web chat.

Your investment:

60-minute session $180  USD
90-minute session $250 USD

If you’re wondering if working with me is right for you, click here to learn more about who I work with. You can also check out what a few clients of mine have to say here.

If a “rescue session” to help you create a quick shift is what you need,
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