Are you ready to deepen your
spiritual, intuitive and energetic awareness?

Consciously use it to grow and stand in the power of that.



I get asked a lot of questions from women on a journey of self-healing and self-awareness. Often people are plunged into a new sense of energy… it’s confusing.

And, let’s face it, there’s some wild stuff out there that feels energetic, yet doesn’t make any real sense when you go to apply it to your everyday life. It’s easy to get caught up in all that, and never feel grounded in your own intuition and ability to work with energy for yourself.

So this year, I decided I wanted to create a place where you could join me for some soulful teaching and inner work – to learn more about your own energetic awareness. Where this kind of support is affordable and accessible. Where you can go to have a community of everyday women using their energetic mojo to live a bigger life.

These are the Enlighten Gatherings.

Whether you are new to the world of energy or long on your journey, you are welcome. Layers upon layers of soulful exploration await you.

We’re gathering. Will you join us?

The concept is simple: an online gathering to help you expand your energetic awareness and deepen your spiritual practice.

It’s an intentional, soulful monthly gathering to help you learn, ask questions, get support, and experience your own energy in new ways. To give you a way to go deeper into your own healing and spiritual evolution.

Having a mentor to spark new ideas within you, ask questions to, and to offer up new tools that can support your own healing, is so important.

And, having a community of like-minded women to connect with as you learn, is priceless.

How it all works

The Enlighten Gatherings are set up as a membership, to help us create some community and yummy connection. You can join anytime and stay as long as it serves you. 

The monthly cost is nominal. Expect a whole lot back!

I will record the calls each month, so if you can’t be there live you can listen in later.

As soon as you sign up, you’ll have access to the history of calls to date. And since we are just getting started, I’ve put a little something for you now!

Monthly themes — be empowered by your magical, intuitive awareness.

Each month I’ll offer a theme — a focal point for discussion to spark your own thinking and deepen your spiritual journey. Look below for upcoming topics.

We’ll tap into the work by way of a short teaching, soulful conversation, and a variety of transformative processes to deepen your experience and support some healing. Depending on what we’re covering that month, that might look like a guided visualization, an active energy meditation, micro journaling, or some creative process to get you seeing something new.

Before we wrap up, I’ll offer up some ways for you to keep working.

I believe it takes staying in connection with the slow-cooked vibe of what you are learning to really anchor in new information and understand how it works for you. So, we’ll keep hanging out throughout the month on a private Facebook group for continued support for more support. I’ll be there, sharing how I’m working with my energy around the theme and answering questions as we go.

Awakening to your energetic and intuitive awareness is a process that requires
learning and practice and a continual deepening of new levels of attention.

So, a grounded chat about energy and how it works to support your growth
sounds pretty cool to me.

$15 /month.
Start anytime, and keep your membership for as long as you wish.

Monthly Gathering
When: 3rd Saturday each month. 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm EST | 9:00 am PST  | 5:00 pm GMT
Where: Zoom Video Conference

I’ve scheduled these gatherings on a Saturday so those who are west coast, east coast and even living in Europe can attend. They will be recorded. When you sign up you can also listen to the archived calls!

Questions? Email me!

Topics on the docket…  

January — your energetic awareness and the massive information leap you’re in.

We’ll be talking about all kinds of things to help you understand your own energy better. We’ll be moving in and out of a lovely free-flow of information that follows where we need to go, so you get what you need out of the day. And of course, sprinkled into it all will be experiential work.

If any of this sounds like it will support you on your journey, plan to join us. 

Create some clarity around this energetic shift – this awakening – that you are in. If you are in overwhelm with it, let’s anchor you.

Understand the ever-evolving role of your intuition. How is this changing? What are you to do with this greater energetic awareness?

Figure out how to feel grounded in all of this inner change. How do you use your new awareness to create more empowerment and personal growth, rather than overwhelm? 

Understand the challenges that show up when you step up into more energetic awareness… and how to work with them.  How do you manage being more sensitive to things? 

Learn how to tune into your own energy more deeply. What does that look like for you? How can you practice that? Let’s practice that!

Find the balance between your mind and your higher self as you work through energetic patterns. Are they at odds or allies? 

Practice and play through experiential work to create a shift in your intuitive and energetic awareness. Keep learning too, to help bring in more information and more clarity in your day-to-day life.

We. Are. Going. There. 
And this is just the 90-minute gathering! 

that, we’re taking the convo over to a private Facebook group so we can keep diving into all of this. Because 90-minutes does not make an energy-worker out of you. 

February — sensing into your energetic environment.

In February we’ll be talking about what frequency is; what energy really is. Because even those of us who have been working with energy get lost in this topic. It’s important to anchor into an understanding of frequency to be able to sense it. And honey, it is everywhere.

Then, we’ll play. We’ll do some creative work to get you sensing your frequency — right down to the smallest particles. We’ll play with how to sense your environment, the outdoors, and even the things around you.

You and your environment flow together. Yet how often do you really tune into that? What are you missing by not sensing into the space around you… within you? Do you even know how to sense into that in a viable (and ethical) way?

Why is this important? Because developing your spidey senses into your environment and the things around you gives you a powerful way to also recognize what’s happening within you… what you are being triggered by, what feels “off,” and even who’s energy is ultra attractive to you – a vibe you might want to more fully embrace.

* This month I will also be offering a book club, where we will be reading Frequency: the power of personal vibration, by Penney Peirce. It’s a great companion to this discussion!

March — working with spirit guides.

In March, we’ll dip into the world of guides. I promise you, some of the ideas you have about this will shift; they’ll expand.

I’ll be talking about who and what can be guides for us at a frequency level and how you need to show up to engage with them. I’ll be honest about the fear that is there sometimes when we work with guides, as well as the creativity and trust we must hold to do so.

And, we’ll play, of course, with some practical ways to tap into your guide’s wisdom for everyday support.

I’m constantly surprising people when I talk with them about what’s going on with their guides. Even folks who have been doing intuitive work for years say, “Really? I can do that with them?!”

There’s more to working with guides than just getting guidance. This is your way of seeing yourself in a new way — how you energetically embody a higher frequency, stand strong in a bigger vision of who you are, and how you empower yourself to make decisions.

I promise you. How you think about guidance will shift.

After that?

Honestly, the list of topics is endless. And just like how energy points us to what is important, I’ll focus on what feels important as we journey together. I’ll update the topics quarterly.