Yes, you really can DO what you love.

Not sure what that looks like or how to go about making it so?
This is going to help.

Registration is now closed for this workshop.


Are you ready to do what you’re here to do? If you’re thinking, “Yes… but what is that?” you’re in the right place.

This small group deep dive into what you are being called to do will help you get some insight and answers… even a bit of a game-plan. 

But don’t expect this to be some “heady, think it through” process. No, we’ll be doing Spirit Work to tap you into your own inner wisdom and your energy to guide the way.  

The virtual retreat is for you if you:

  • feel unhappy with your job but don’t know what’s next
  • feel passionless about what direction to go in
  • wonder what your purpose is, and how you can put that to work
  • have no idea as to how to go about finding what you want
  • can’t take working in a job that dims your light one more day
  • love to create awareness through thought-provoking and energy shifting process work
  • want focused help and guidance to create some new clarity around work, and how to begin to manifest it

My guides and I have cooked up some serious transformation for you around this because we know it’s important. 

You getting out there, doing what is aligned with your heart and soul, is how YOUR world will change. You doing what you are here to do will also change the world.

I’d like to help you do what you love. 

What you do matters. This is something I have learned through my own journey from a job I resented, and that was actually making me sick, to work I love. I’m here to share with you how you can connect with your own deep purpose and passion to create not only a vision of for yourself but a game plan to make it so.

Join me for a virtual retreat to create the clarity you need
to manifest the work you love.

The LIVE online retreat is
Saturday, November 18, 2017

10:00 am  – 2:00 pm EST
Join in from home – via zoom.

Click here for your time zone.

Your investment: $97
Add on a private session with the retreat: $227

The virtual retreat is a small group to allow a deeper process and connection

The Virtual Retreat.

This workshop won’t just give you a bunch of information and then send you off to do the work on your own. Which, let’s face it, NEVER happens.

We’re going to roll up our sleeves and do some powerful real-time exercises, group work, and old fashion “talking it out.”

At the end of the day, you’ll leave with a clearer vision of the work that’s calling you. That might be a job or your life’s mission that needs to show up day in and day out.

Through our time together, you’ll come to understand what you want. Your spirit will have dropped a big “aha” on you around how you need to grow to make this happen. Options will begin to form, and you’ll see different ways your work can manifest. And, you’ll carve out some steps to make it so.

We’ll be doing experiential exercises to help you:

  • Fully recognizing your purpose — that thing you do that makes you tick and what you offer up that’s so needed in the world.
  • Get clear on what’s important to you and why, so you can choose where you want to put your energy… and to what end.
  • Define, in detail, what you want and need with your work. No more “I don’t know.”
  • Recognize the personal and spiritual growth you need, to be the next best version of you that can vibrationally and emotionally hold that job you seek.
  • Map out a game plan, so you take that first step… and then the next.

This retreat is live, so you will need to be there. There are no recordings.

Block off some time for YOU. Cozy up in your favorite chair, join the private web chat,
grab a cup of tea and a journal, and get ready to change your life.

You’ll receive a Soulful Work Playbook prior to the live retreat with the exercises we’ll be doing together that day. To participate, you can join the Zoom web chat via your phone or computer/webcam.

If you have questions, please email me.

A Bonus Meditation.

You’ll also get a bonus meditation: Stop the Mind Chatter, Find the Path. Use this when you’re in the spin of your own thinking to reconnect back into your inner wisdom and the way forward.

Want to Add on a Private Session? You Can!

Ready to take your work even deeper? Add on a 60-minute private session with me at a discount. As part of the virtual retreat, you can add on a session for $130 (save $50!).

Let’s look at what’s in play energetically to shift what has you stuck. This is your chance to look at — at heal — the energetic and emotional stuck points that are keeping you from moving forward.

I work with people all over the globe and get into very focused energetic healing. If you’re looking to get to the core pattern of what may be keeping you from work that supports you, let’s work there to create a shift.

All intuitive energy healing sessions are via phone or web chat. Your session with the class needs to be scheduled by November 30, 2017.

Join in on the virtual retreat: $97
Add on a private session with the retreat: $227