Join me for a playful and deeply transformative online retreat into your inner wisdom.

Forge a powerful alliance with your energy, your intuition, and your guides
to help you move through ALL the growth that is happening for you. 

Learn the tools and systems that you can do for yourself  that will support
and guide you when you feel blocked, so you move forward

Creating an awareness of your energy — your intuitive self — is about getting out of your thinking mind, and into what you feel… what you sense, and leaning into that in a way that gives you the clarity and awareness you need to move forward. And most of the people I work with have a really hard time doing this when it really counts… when they feel blocked and stuck.

It’s then that you need a system to fall back on to help you to access a level of guidance and information that comes from both deep within you and all around you.

And everyone, including you, has the ability to lean in at this level and listen to their intuition and inner wisdom. You just need to learn how to engage in a way that gets you to the information you need to shift your energy and guide you into what works.

This process of intuition and healing is playful and creative. It has to be. It’s all about shifting you out of your ordinary reality into something new.

Where most people get stuck when it comes to moving out of tension or periods of difficulty is in the “trying.” When things aren’t working, and you don’t know how to access new information to guide you, you will try and try and try. But this just creates a spin… getting you nowhere.

You must learn how to get out of that, and into a more creative space with yourself, your energy and your guides to get to the information and awareness that will move your forward.

And growth? Well, all the really cool energy work in the world doesn’t do you much good unless you grow from it. Awareness is the beginning. What comes next is to take your new awareness out into the world, where you get to put what you learn into practice. This is an art form in and of itself, and one your intuitive mojo can help with.

Are you ready to “lean in” to that?

Yes… ah yes!

This class will teach you my very best tools
that I’ve been using and teaching my clients.

Registration is now closed. It will be offered again soon!

Here’s what you’ll receive:

    • 6 live weekly calls to guide you into your energy and learn how to open to your inner wisdom for healing and direction. These calls are recorded if you can’t join in live.
    • 1 bonus call with a powerful healing to help you hit the up-level button and transform your energy.
    • A playbook with all my favorite creative ways to engage with your intuition and energy… and how to use that inner wisdom to move you forward. You’ll have a few exercises to choose from to support the weekly topics you’ll be working with.
    • Weekly short videos with tips and tricks to help you create that juicy connection into your own process.
    • A private Facebook group for you to stay connected and create community. I’ll be jumping on there with extra goodies.
    • And… a BONUS 30-minute private session with me! We’ll take a look at your energy and open up where you may be having some issues. (a $75 value!)

This work is important.
You have raised your vibration enough that you are constantly
in a state of growth.

Working with your intuition and energy is not hocus pocus… it’s a system, and you need to learn it. The more conscious you become, the more you are asked to grow. Learn the tools, so that when you need them — when you’re stressed and energetically off balance — you’ll more easily be able to lean into the process and get answers.

When you make the connection and create a deeper relationship with your energetic awareness and use that for your growth, your whole world changes. You have the means to move through the fear and confusion. You have access to your own inner guidance to step into aligned choices, and you follow your own lead which takes you where you need to be.

So let’s let our hair down and dig into the energy here — your energy.


Here’s the play by play of what we’ll be up to.

Week 1: Tap into your intuition and energetic awareness.

Learn how you connect to your intuition. Honestly, most people don’t know how they do this and miss out on a powerful means to bringing in the information they can use. So let’s get you super-duper clear on how you “talk” with your energy and how to get answers from your own inner wisdom (because she’s on fire when it comes to intuition).

Even if you’re new to all this energy “stuff,” I’ll get you and your intuition into BFF status!

Week 2: Learn to work with your Guides.

Yes, you have them, and you may not be conscious of your connection to them because you are not engaging with them in a way moves you into their vibrational space.

In this class, I’ll help you get hooked in with your guides as you create a team. We’ll establish some trust here too, so you learn how to tap into the support that is all around you.

Soon, they will be chattering away….

Week 3: This is a healing week to help you upgrade your energy with what’s been shifting.

You’ll get a taste of my signature multidimensional group healing work to help you shift up. Beginning this intuitive awareness work — even if you have been working with your energy — will open you up to a new level of growth and awareness. So this week we’re going to help you upgrade your energetic system to hold the vibration you’ve been moving into. Getting a healing to help you clear your energy and hit the up-level button will open you up to more… more… MORE!

Week 4: Make peace with your body deva (your body wisdom).

Your body has a mind of its own. Well, to be precise, a consciousness of its own. And most of us are in a battle with our body devas – that consciousness. Whenever you are in conflict, your body deva will hold a level of information for you. That may be how to better shift into new energies… or why you can’t. Let me introduce you to her so you can work together.

There is an incredible amount of be-YOU-tiful healing that you can do here to shift your energy and create the space to move forward.

Week 5: Understand the pattern that your energy runs off of.

Here’s the big secret: when you know how you engage with your energy and what the essence of your energy feels like and how it likes to do things and how you feel in that state… then that’s how you want to do EVERYTHING to align to your passion and purpose. (And your manifestation ability.)

So let’s figure that out for you, shall we? I swear when you do, it’s like a major lightbulb goes off.

Week 6: Say hello to your power.

There is no way you can do all this yummy energetic play and not turn up your inner power.

I like to get people re-acquainted with their new inner vibe when they’ve made big shifts like you will here. So we’ll do some fun stuff to get you aligned and fully aware of your new “big you” mojo… the energetic presence you now hold.

I have some ways to help you practice moving this new energetic stance out into the world… it’s how you can be aware of your energy, your guides and what’s happening “out there,” while you buy bananas at the store!

Week 7: You’ve changed my dear… what’s next?

All this cool work you’ll have been doing will open up new ideas. Now, this “what’s next” part isn’t going to be drudgery. This isn’t about you getting into your head and trying to figure out your life.

But we’ll play in the space of what you want. What your spirit wants and what feels right. How can you work with all this information you now have about how your energy, your guides, and your body wisdom can help you move forward in really clear and aligned ways?

Let’s see what magic you want to create in your world and set you on your way. *Guides in tow of course!

Lean In. This will be amazing.