Working with essential oils to support your energetic
and emotional well-being is a game changer.

essential oils Oil WorkAbout three years ago, my guides loudly insisted I get working with essential oils. Really, they were not on my radar as an energetic tool… at all.

The truth was, I spent a whole lot of time on my energy, and not a whole lot on my body. And, my poor “bod” needed some support to manage all the energy I was working with.

That was just the tip of the iceberg though. I began to understand that these little bottle of essential oils weren’t just about a pretty smell. They had a frequency story to them that would change how I worked with my own energy… helping me to access stuck and blocked emotions in my body and awareness faster than anything else I had tried.

I also learned that not all essential oils are alike. There are a lot of oils out there that are inferior in quality and energy.

Using high-quality, therapeutic grade essential oils alongside your energy work can make a profound difference in your life. I invite you to explore the possibilities!

Oil Work + Energy Healing Sessions

Oil Work sessions are designed to help you be your best self. Using a blend of aromatherapy, coaching and of course energy work, you can quickly access and release emotional blocks that prevent you from living fully.

It’s powerful.

If you are feeling stuck and unable to get to what’s at the core of the issue, Oil Work can help you open the flow of energy and access deep emotional blocks that are unconsciously running the show.

You’ll begin with an intention and unwind what your emotional brain has tucked away that’s keeping you from moving ahead. And of course, we’ll do some energy work to support an energetic shift as well. That’s what Oil Work is all about! We’ll wrap up with a game-plan to assist you in moving forward and taking action so you level up big time.

Sessions are via Zoom web chat and are about 60-minutes long.

Oil Work sessions require you to either have essential oils (we’ll talk about the oils you have ahead of time) or an interest in getting them so you can work with your oils on-going.

To schedule a session, set up a quick consultation with me and we can make sure this is the best approach to help you meet your goals.

Fill out a short form that will help us when we chat about doing some work together!

If essential oils and oil work are your thing…

If you use essential oils or want to get started with them and add them into the Transformational Healing work I do, let’s totally go for it. Adding them to the energetic work we do will help you work through things more quickly, and support your body to manage the energy you are leveling up into.

Also, be sure to check out the Energy and Oil Work Mastery Forum. If you are a healer or simply someone who wants to learn more about HOW to work with your energy for personal and spiritual well-being and add in your essential oils, then you’ll love this on-going healing group!