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October 2017

Are you stuck in busy?
Busyness can cover up what’s actually important for us to feel and address in life and it’s tricky because being busy can be so easily justified. We live in a culture that in many ways honors busyness. Yet, “busy” is doing us in.

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In episode […]

September 2017

Energy Work is a bit of a mystery. Let’s simplify it here.
I’m on a mission to help you make your own energy work “everyday energy work.”


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In episode 12 of The Everyday Lightworker Podcast, I’m talking about energy… as it relates to intuitive healing work and how you can […]

The Equinox: Friday, September 22, 2017 – 4:02 pm EST
Mama Earth and the Nature Intelligence we work with are waiting for you. Will you sit with us all this equinox?

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I’m talking about the equinox and how you can work with the energy to reconnect with Nature and […]

Managing your energy in during times of chaos.
How can you find balance; to stay in the flow during these strange times and even move forward
in your own spiritual evolution?


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In episode 10 of The Everyday Lightworker Podcast, I’m talking about how to stay the course during these intense times […]

Self-care runs deeper than you might realize.
If you’re too busy to stop and listen to your own true self to guide you, then that’s a huge sign that something is off. You’re not valuing your own inner wisdom or the need to follow your own advice. You are getting lost.

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August 2017

To work with your energy, you have to create some kind of a construct to tap into what is unseen.
And one of the easiest ways you can do that is through your imagination.

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In episode 8 of The Everyday Lightworker Podcast, I’m talking about the connection between your imagination […]

It’s easy to feel a bit numb when the external transformation dial gets turned up like it has recently.
Here’s how you can work with your energy to support embodying the shadow and working through
this big energetic shift.

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In episode 7 of The Everyday Lightworker Podcast, I’m talking about transforming […]

Are you working with the energetic directive of this Mercury retrograde?
There’s a specific level of energetic information to be focusing on right now.

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In episode 6 of The Everyday Lightworker Podcast, I’m talking about Mercury retrograde.

If you dread this cosmic event or think it’s all about problems and computers […]

The secret to shifting your energy?
You’ve got to be willing to lean in… to the good, the bad and the not so yummy. Here’s how.

In this episode…
I’m talking about how to shift the emotional energy that has you stuck. You’ll get my step-by-step energetic process that works!
Getting clarity around what […]

Energetic boundaries… they’re not about protection.
We’re talking about a vibrational processing system. What gets in matches your vibe.

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Energetic Boundaries. Let’s talk about how to work with them. It’s a huge topic, so buckle in!

Most people think of energetic boundary work as a defense from unwanted energy or energy […]

July 2017


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How can you do your inner work when you feel like there’s just no time?

In episode 3, I’m talking about the ongoing battle so many people have juggling their busy daily lives and the need to take time for personal process and working with their inner wisdom.

I’ll share […]


In this episode…
I give you some ways to work with your personal process and energetic awareness to shift your focus to what will begin to shift you because that’s what it’s all about.

I believe that more and more people are waking up and realizing that certain parts of their lives […]


In this episode…
I share a little about me, about what brought me into my work as a psychic and a healer, and what this Everyday Lightworker podcast is going to be all about… and why you’ll want to stick around for each weekly installment.

Being an Everyday Lightworker is about balancing […]