What people are sayin’….

“Stacy is an amazing energy shifter! My work with her has been the key that has provided me the way to finally shift long-held energy patterns which have eluded me. I have spent years working on these patterns through a variety of ways.

In just 4 sessions Stacy helped to shift and move energy with amazing results. One of the biggest seen results was manifesting my own home in one week! This was something I didn’t expect or even foresee in my work with her!

Thank you, Stacy, with all my heart!”

Liz T.


“I was first drawn to Stacy after reading her blog piece, 3 Ways to Work with Your Energy and then working with her grounding meditation. I liked how practical and straightforward she was in her approach, and I experienced a different kind of shift in meditating with her.

In working with her one-on-one, Stacy helped me quickly cut through the noise to tap into what I really want to create with my business and how to hold the energy around this new creation as it forms. She also helped me shift some heavy energy that was holding me back, personally and professionally.

This has been an excellent investment in my business and personal life, as I’ve seen huge changes in what I’ve been able to manifest and attract to me in the short time since working with her. She is an excellent partner to have in any personal or professional endeavor.

Thank you, Stacy!”

Gillian Poe, Founder, Yoga and Health Coach
Life Path Yoga and Wellness


I’ve been a long-time follower of Stacy’s work – her practical, down to earth way of communicating something as “airy fairy” as energy has always resonated with me. My intuition had been telling me to have some private sessions with her for quite a while, but it took a slide in my already fragile health for me to finally do it!

I booked in a package after a free consult with her, and my only regret was not listening to my intuition sooner! I’ve worked with a lot of health practitioners before, but Stacy’s approach was completely different. She really is a teacher as much as a healer, holding your hand as she takes you deep into your energetic self.

My sessions with Stacy changed my perspective of my body and my health – from continually trying to figure out what was wrong with me to just focusing on what my energy was doing in each moment, and leaning into it. I also learned that I didn’t have to do all this healing work alone – she hooked me up whole team of energetic beings ready, willing and able to help me!

With her guidance I re-established a connection to my body Deva, and more importantly, started to build up trust between us again. The new-found trust I have in my beautiful body has allowed me to achieve more physically and emotionally than I could have believed possible before. I am now in the process of setting up a new business, and am surprised at how well I’ve been able to cope with all the demands that come with it!

I feel very blessed to have been able to work with Stacy.

Debbie Rae-Smith


I love working with Stacy. As an Energy Intuitive myself, I am really mindful of who I work with for my own healing journey. I have found just a few people over the years that I am resonant with, Stacy is one of them.

In one hour Stacy helped me start to shift something I had been carrying for 12 years (if not lifetimes) that I feel has been behind my Chronic Fatigue symptoms. I felt the shift right away. Everything she says rings true at a deep level and I instantly felt at ease with her and her way of working.

Her energy work works! I greatly value her wisdom, experience, warmth and the safe space she creates. This is spiritual, holistic, heart-centred, incisive energy work at its best.

Kimberley Jones, Spiritual Midwife – Bringing Awakening Women Together

I was launching into to new territory in my business as a coach and healer. I was full of ideas and possibilities. I was becoming more visible than ever before, and strangely I was waking up in the morning feeling very nervous in my physical body. I couldn’t make sense of it. This was everything I’d been wanting in my business but I was scared as hell. I couldn’t shake this nervousness off and I knew it was time to seek support, that’s why I contacted Stacy.

Through our sessions together my nervous system immediately began to calm down. I started waking up feeling at peace. Stacy helped me connect with the Devic Energy of my business and this has been amazingly helpful and given me the direction and focus I needed. I realised that parts of my business were not really ‘me’ and that I needed to bring in more fun and cheekiness. One of my new creations that was birthed during my sessions with Stacy was a lunch series for female entrepreneurs called ‘Cheeky Weekday Lunches’.

I highly recommend working with Stacy and I can tell you that this is one of the best investments I’ve ever made for my own healing and mentoring.

Dani Gardner, Business Psychic & Strategist


Working with Stacy has been an amazing and uplifting experience. As a sensitive and highly evolved intuitive, I was extremely selective in choosing someone to support me energetically. She was calm, easy-going and worked with the energy in what I refer to as a High Integrity Energy Healer.

With so many energy healers around overstating their abilities, Stacy was a breath of fresh air. I loved how she worked along side of me, empowering me to expand, never doing the work for me, but holding the space for me to embrace my own expansion and open at my pace.

Working with Stacy has allowed my business to expand in new and exciting ways. She encouraged me to work with, what we now lovingly refer to as – The BIG energy! Harnessing this new awareness in my business has not only brought in new clients and revenue but also a profound peace. I am happier than ever and so grateful to have found her to support my journey.

Thank you for all you do in the world – you are a gift!

Trish Kapanos, Intuitive Coach & Energy Engineer


I would like to thank you for the amazing work you did with me.  In my business, I was feeling stuck and uncertain of how to move beyond some of my limiting beliefs.  I knew there were some unresolved issues from my family of origin resulting in energetic blocks, particularly around money and power.  You immediately were able to dip into that 2nd Chakra and help me not only get in touch energetically, but also viscerally.  You have such a nurturing way of working that I was able to feel safe going into the scary places.

Through that and the subsequent grounding work we did, I was able to get really get clear about what I wanted to include in my business blueprint.  It feels strong and deeply rooted in my life path.  The most profound shift happened when you helped me tap into the vibration of my business and gather my all my guides together, some whom I knew, and a powerful, magnetic lion that I didn’t even realize was there.  I feel the presence of that lion every day now and wear that energy as a cloak to attract the right people and situations into my business.  You are a true healer and a remarkable mentor.  I am now able to move forward in my business with complete confidence.  Again, thank you!

With great gratitude,

Nanette Giacoma, MBA, MA, Master Intuitive Coach


I love working with Stacy!

I felt something deep shift in my business. Stacy not only cleared away all the energetic interference, but she also shifted it into the fast track for me and provided the guidance I needed to help birth it into being!

If you haven’t sampled Stay’s magic, I highly recommend that you do. Your business and your bank account will thank you!

Kristine Madera, Soul-Centered Business Coach


I began working with Stacy 8 years ago. She’s on the cutting edge of the energetic shifts happening on the planet. My body feels what is happening and my mind and emotions are affected.

When Stacy names what’s happening, it validates my experience; and I feel connected to myself, the Universe, and like everything is going to be okay.

Jen Aly, Business Consultant, Personal Coaching