8-Week Transformational Energy Healing

Let’s figure out where you’re stuck, do the energetic and emotional work to transform that, and boost your intuitive mojo so you have the tools you need to stay unstuck.

This is where I begin with people. And in 8 weeks, we’ll do some very detailed energetic work to bring healing and awareness to what’s getting in your way. These 8-weeks are about transforming energy, old beliefs, ancestral patterns, past lives — everywhere you are stuck — so you can move beyond that and take new action in your life.

It’s energetic work that will connect you with your own intuitive wisdom so you can experience your energy for yourself. That’s important.

I do a lot of energetic healing work with you, but this is not the kind of healing where you sit back and just receive. The only way you’ll really understand what has you stuck is to get in there and create awareness. So, everything we do will be to help you do that, so you move forward with new insight.

I know, you might be thinking, “8-weeks… is that enough time to really make a change?”

Yes. I see it all the time.

Big shifts in your energy, your awareness, and your mindset come quickly because we’re working at a frequency level and grounding that into your real-world experience. So if you’re ready to pinpoint what’s going on with you and change that, this is some of the most focused work you’ll find to do that.

In 8 weeks, we’ll uncover what’s getting in your way. We’ll create clarity around the core pattern that’s holding you back and shift that so you have a totally new experience of yourself. And from that vantage point, you’ll see your next step more clearly.

You’ll also up-level your energetic game with some new skills that you’ll use for life.

If that’s what you’re looking for, then set up a 30-minute consultation session with me. Let’s see if this is a fit.

find your purpose. do work that you love

What’s included in those 8 weeks?

  • (1) 90-minute initial session. This gives us more time to look at a few things that you’ll be working on.
  • (7) weekly 60-minute healing & mentoring sessions.
  • Email support for 8 weeks.
  • Weekly homework so you come back each week with a new mindset… a new energetic vibe.
  • Bonus Tools to help you be successful:
    • Working with Beliefs — 4 powerful exercises to help you quickly work through stuck points.
    • Grounding Guided Meditation — to help you drop into your own energy and work between sessions.
    • Practicing “Power” Guided Meditation — to activate and experience a more expanded & powerful state.
    • Session Tracking Forms — a nice way to track what you’re learning about yourself and what’s next, session by session.

Your Investment

$1,397 USD on payment plan
$1,297 USD paid in full

If you’re wondering if working with me is right for you, click here to learn more about who I work with. You can also check out what a few clients of mine have to say here.