Are you ready for your healing business to grow?
Are you ready to grow?

I have a passion for helping healers step into their power and get out there and do what they are here to do.  And I mean really own their healing mojo, know their worth, take up space, be seen, speak their voice and create a healing business that fully supports them.

If that’s what you want for yourself, then I’m so happy we’ve connected here!

Having the gift to support others, work with energy, create transformation and help change the world is awesome. Figuring out how to stand in your power in that so you and your business thrive can be a challenge.

It’s about empowering yourself and being a conscious boss-lady!

You may not feel that way right now, but that’s how I see you.

Here’s a truth I’ve learned along the way: to be financially successful as a healer, think of yourself as a beautiful, spiritual, heart-centered entrepreneur, and see your work as a business.

That’s step one in you stepping into some power around how you do what you do.

How you show up to your work is what it’s all about.

As a conscious entrepreneur, you know that you and your business are intricately linked. The core patterns you work from – good or bad – will play out in your healing work and your business itself. If you are channeling a deep wounding in all you do, the universe will give you ways to engage with it to heal… and it loves to do that through your soul-full work.

It’s been both my personal experience, and my experience in working with healers for close to 30 years now, that until you create an inner foundation for your work to thrive, it won’t.

If you haven’t worked through the INNER work that is needed to show up to your Self and your work, then all the business tools, heartfelt selling skills, program creation, and the like aren’t going to do you much good. First, you have to clear your own stuff and get out of your own way.

That inner foundation is you getting clear on what you do and what your work is all about. It’s about you knowing deep in your bones your worth as a healer. It’s about taking up space in the world to be yourself and claim what you need. It’s about you recognizing your value and the value of your work.

It’s about you having the ability to speak aloud what you do without feeling shame, guilt or fear. It’s about you feeling safe and confident in asking people for money. It’s about you being the person your clients need you to be.

And your business will bring all this up and help you rip it wide open.

As a healer, I bet you’d not want it any other way; let’s make it easy, though.

Making these big shifts that take you into more personal power, which require you to show up to your life and business more fully, can be intense.

Part of my healing mojo is some powerful long distance energy healing. The last thing I want is for you to be playing what I call “energetic whack-a-mole,” which is all about guessing what the real issue is, and how your core pattern is holding you back.

That’s why I focus on your energy up front. I want to pinpoint what’s at the core both energetically and emotionally that’s creating a block for you, help you see it, and then help you transform that. Our work is to shift the energy, the emotions, the mindsets and your actions so completely, that they don’t run your business or your life anymore.

In my book, there is no “formula,” to help you with this expansion, except the one that you hold deep within. And stepping fully into the next phase of your spiritual evolution and how you move that into your business means stepping into your personal power – up-leveling into what is next for you and all those who you help.

To help you get there, there is a fluidity needed that no “big box formula” can give you.

So let’s slow it down, get real, and support you in a way that feeds your soul… and your business.

Let’s talk about what’s really getting in your way. Let’s transform that. Let’s create more energetic space for you to have more money, more clients and a bigger business. Let’s figure out what your next step is for yourself, so you thrive in all ways.

Helping you create this level of inner transformation so you and your business thrive is what makes my heart sing.

If figuring out what’s going on WITH YOU, that’s getting in the way of your business would make your heart sing too, let’s talk.

Set up a free 30-minute consultation.

Are you ready?

Stacy Vajta Transformational Coach