Have you had enough of feeling stuck?
Are you ready to get out there and rock your life?

I love to work with people who are intuitive, energy aware and ready to bust open what’s been holding them back from really owning their lives and living their passion.

And here’s why. In my 30 year journey of helping healers and highly conscious people grow into the next step in their spiritual evolution, I’ve met too many people who have a vision for their life that simply isn’t being manifested.

There’s a holding back – a block – despite doing all kinds of inner work to break free, get clarity and move forward.

I know this stuck place well.

I spent about 20 years circling around what finally helped me bust through the root of what kept me feeling dis-empowered and unable to fully manifest the life I knew was possible. For me, I honestly just knew I had more in me than was showing up. And, I felt totally confused as to why my life wasn’t really flowing… why things weren’t working for me.

For years and years I felt like what I wanted, simply couldn’t come to be. It wasn’t that I wasn’t doing my inner work to heal and make things happen; I was… a lot. I was getting out there and taking action, yet something was blocked.

No matter what I did, I couldn’t seem to move beyond a certain point in what I was able to create for myself. I knew I had more to give. I knew the Universe had more to offer as support for me. Yet, I didn’t see a whole lot of forward movement. I simply didn’t know how to get where I wanted to get to.

Sound familiar?

It’s a story I hear from so many truly gifted people who have something to offer the world. And knowing you have something more to step into in this life, and not getting it to happen, really sucks.

It’s time to up-level.

It’s time to break through the core pattern that’s holding you back – probably in many areas of your experience – and create a foundation for you to manifest the life you love.

These are the pieces of the puzzle that need to be worked with to get you there:

  • Clarity on what you actually need to be focusing on — what your core energetic matrix is, that is keeping you blocked.
  • Energy work and healing to untangle that core matrix — bringing in a new awareness around this core piece, so you understand how to move forward.
  • Learning how to shift from inner exploration to outer manifestation what I call “boots on the ground healing.” This is a skill set that is typically missing or deeply misunderstood when people feel “perpetually stuck” and don’t see change happen here in the 3D world.
  • Help in anchoring in your new energetic awareness — staying focused on new higher frequency mindsets, actions and goals.

When you work with me, you get a whole lot of mentoring and support alongside some very potent energy work and psychic information.

It’s not all woo-woo though. This work is truly about creating a change. It’s focused, and it typically happens quickly, which is good; when you’ve been stuck and not seeing change, it’s the best feeling in the world when you get things to happen!

I come to our work together with a huge toolkit to help you move forward, and my own experience of having learned how to shift the deepest core blocks that did their damnedest to hold me back.

Getting you moving forward again in your own spiritual evolution and holding the power to embody that is my passion.

Think of this work as empowering your Soul so you can get out there and live the life you chose to live. Take this power and apply it to your life in all ways… your work, your relationships, your spirituality.

This is about standing strong in who you are, owning your energy and putting that out into the world in ways that count. It’s about dismantling the energy and the stories that are holding you back from that once and for all.

If you’re ready to bust open where you’ve been holding back, feeling blocked and unable to shift up, set up a free consultation. We’ll talk about doing some work together to finally creating that life you seek.

You have a mission here. You have a purpose. It’s time to get your power on and do this thing.