You meditate. You work with your energy. You journal, work with your Guides, and maybe even a healer or two to help you shift your energy and create a change that will take your life in a new direction. But no matter what, resolving that deep issue you keep working on that holds you back from doing the thing you most want to do, or expressing yourself most authentically, or fully owning your power seems to elude you.

It’s as though layers and layers keep popping up that you must work through. Weeks, months and even years may go by, and you are still working on some variation of the issue. You learn all kinds of things about yourself… except the one thing that will finally shift things.

No matter how much you work on yourself, you can’t seem to break through that core pattern and step into the change you seek.

If your process is taking too long, then something is wrong with the process, not you.

I’ve been an emotional processor all my life. I get what it’s like to measure your experience through your emotional state. If I feel something, I spend time with the emotion, unpacking its energy and working with it to create a level of change.

And, you know what? That can be a really powerful way to work; except for when I look at everything but what needs looking at the most: the core issue.

That rich emotional awareness you have as one who processes at deep levels can be a valuable tool. It can teach you a lot about who you are.

It can also get in the way and completely de-rail you.

Over-processing can become a distraction to you simply getting to what’s at the heart of the matter, and changing that. Following the web of emotions and energies may even be a means of protection for you from actually addressing what needs your attention.

The thing is, when you get to the core emotion or pattern, change comes quickly. But first, two things need to happen:

You must get to the core issue. And if you’ve been revolving around your issue for a while without making a real change, you haven’t gotten to the core of what’s holding you back from moving forward.

Don’t worry. Truth be told, it’s rare that people can see their own stuff. And I think emotional processors especially have a hard time getting there on their own. When you are aware of so much energetic information, discerning which thread will get you to the core is part of the overwhelm.

The second thing that has to happen is, when you get to that core energy you must shift your tactic and work from a whole new skill set.

As a processor, you need to learn how to pull yourself out of the gravitational force of the pattern of identifying, uncovering and untangling every energetic aspect of how and when you have encountered the energy of this issue, and simply flip that energy.

To do this, you want someone working with you to help you shut down one way of working and guide you into a new choice. You need an anchor; someone who can hold open the door into your own power, and show you the most straight-forward means of choosing that.

I’ve got your back though. Zeroing in on core issues, naming them for you and helping you navigate through what needs processing and what is distracting you from making a new choice is what I’ve been helping my clients do for over 30 years.

My focus will give you a way to focus.

No more circumventing. Let’s cut to the chase and clear a new path for you, by means of a new decision about who you are and how you want to show up in the world as your most empowered you.

You know those people who just “choose” to change things, and then do?

They naturally “get” this skill set of shifting their frequency through choice. It’s something that you can learn too, even if right now it sounds like the most over-simplified view of emotional transformation in the world!

There is absolutely a time and a place for processing. But oh how I hate to see any of us get stuck there.

If you are going around and around and around the same issue, you’re stuck. Spending any more time on the wrong thing, or exploring the “who, what, when and why” of it all is simply not serving you.

I’d like to help you out of circling around and around your issue, and into a new decision about yourself.

If you are ready for that too, let’s talk. If you are serious about finally kicking that issue of yours to the curb, click here to apply for a consultation to explore working with me.

You have a mission here. You have a purpose. It’s time to get your power on and do this thing.