Is your personal up-leveling getting in the way
of your business up-leveling?

As a spiritual entrepreneur you know that you and your business are intricately linked. If your life feels like you’ve hit a block, you can bet this will impact your business. What goes on in your mind — and your energy — shows up in your business, because your business is personal.

You might come face to face with your own growth when your business challenges you. Things may be slow, finding clients may be a mystery to you, you may be confused around what you are doing and who you are doing it for. No matter what the trigger, you have to deal with all that’s going on within you… right between your ears. The beliefs and old patterns you hold need to change so your business can succeed.

If that change takes too long, and you dip into the spin of your own personal process, your business will fall into that same spin. Your business success starts with what you think, then shifts into what you do. If your past experience is running the show, you’ll feel that, and sadly, so will your income.

Sometimes the need to grow comes from the other direction. Your business must grow, therefore you must step it up as well. That expansion can send you into a huge up-leveling at a personal level around your personal power and showing up to life (and your work) in a bigger way. Your old stuff is going to show up here too.

To grow your business, you must grow.

Whether there is something blocking you from expanding, or your expansion sends you into a deeper level of growth, change is required; you can’t afford to have your process slow you down and get in the way of your business.

Your success and income are linked to your ability to quickly create change. And if you get stuck in what needs to shift, you’ll see your clients, and your income, slip away.

In other words, if your process is taking too long, your business will suffer.

Making these big shifts that take you into more personal power and require you to show up to your life and business more fully, can be intense. It can be easy to get lost in the spin of process and struggle as you try to create a new understanding of old patterns, ideas, resistance and limiting mindsets.

The old school approach to shifting into new frequencies and clearing deep patterns was to dive down the rabbit hole and spend time feeling it all to figure out what was in play.  The new school approach is get in, get out and get into action as a means of creating energetic transformation.

You have to energetically expand into an ability to hold more money, more clients and more responsibility. And you have to do this without falling into the pit of over-processing, getting lost in your old stories or all the overwhelm that will only paralyze you.

That’s why I focus on your energy up front. I want to pin-point what’s up, help you see it, and then get you the heck outta there. I want to help you get back into action with your business as you focus on what you are growing into, so you can do what you love and thrive doing it.

Call it up-leveling or simply life, but as spiritual entrepreneur you’ll go through these periods of change over and over.

As a spiritual entrepreneur, there is a balance of personal process and business hustle. When your process takes too long, and you lose the hustle… it’s time to get some help to shift up.

I see this level of healing as an intimate, soulful process that no “big box” coaching program for the masses could possible reach. So if that “formula” approach totally drives you crazy, we’re on the same page. It makes me nuts too.

Here’s the thing.

You and your business are unique. You have unique needs, goals, and ways of working that must be honored. You also have unique issues that may indeed be holding you back from shifting up into your next step in life and in business.

And if you are having troubles getting past some of the personal stuff, having someone point out that you have a mindset block is really different from someone who can help you actually work with that energy and quickly transform it.

I’m the latter; part of my healing mojo is some powerful long distance energy. I know that sometimes that’s what will help you the most and get you out of your process and back on the road to manifesting the work you need. I get that sometimes you really will need someone to get in the trenches with you and help energetically pull you out.

In my book there is no “formula,” except the one that you hold deep within. And stepping fully into the next phase of your business also means stepping into your personal power and your own spiritual growth. There is a fluidity that no “big box formula” can give you.

So let’s slow it down, get real, and support you in a way that feeds your soul… and your business.

Getting into this energy, and getting to the kinds of answers you need to move your business forward requires creating a space that allows room to explore it all — your blocks, your gifts, your resistance, your marketing, your Truth and your sales funnel.

It’s all inter-related. Everything needs to up-level.

This work is intimate. Your business is personal. So let’s get personal.

Let’s talk about what’s really getting in your way. Let’s transform that. Let’s create more energetic space for you to have more money, more clients and a bigger business. Let’s figure out what your next step is for yourself and your business, to make it so. 

Helping you create this level of inner transformation so you and your business thrive is what makes my heart sing.

Let’s talk if this makes your heart sing too.

Set up a free 30-minute consultation.

Are you ready?

Stacy Vajta Transformational Coach