We are living in a time of awakening. As a spiritually conscious person, you are continually being asked to raise your awareness — and your vibration — to heal old patterns and step into more of who you are. With a greater awareness of your energy, you recognize when you are no longer living in alignment, and when you must grow.

There can be an intensity to your emotional and energetic work, as you no longer can dismiss what feels incongruent to who you are. This kind of growth is a complete up-leveling. There’s an urgency to transform; to live life more fully and from a more empowered energetic stance.

Who you are growing into may be unclear, yet you know you must leap into what awaits your transformation.

For those who are energetically and emotionally aware, this kind of accelerated growth is happening more quickly and more often. And, when it comes to change, the stakes begin to feel higher, and they are; you’re learning to take more responsibility for your energy.

When you feel stuck in this process, it feels more challenging as well; manifesting stops, physical symptoms show up and life feels like a struggle.

I specialize in helping you get through these big leaps, where you up-level into a completely new awareness that changes how you see yourself, what you do, and how you think. It’s the kind of change that finally lifts you out of the gravitational force of an old pattern into something new.

This level of growth requires working with your energy — the vibrational information that is informing you (for better or worse) so you can truly transform that into a higher frequency and awareness. Having someone who can look at your energy and put language to it, allows you to then work where you’ll make the most impact.

Energy work alone is not the answer. And the essential oil work that I do helps you to then integrate your change into your body much more easily. There’s a whole energetic language in play with essential oils that makes your up-leveling a more balanced process.

For change to fully integrate, and for a new frequency and mindset to land, new action must be taken. Your energetic transformation must become a new everyday way of living. Only then will you step into a higher frequency of Self.


If you’re ready to leap, and seeking help as you work through your process to gain more clarity on what you are transforming, creating an energetic shift and mindset change, and learning a powerful way to support your process through the use of Young Living essential oils, then I invite you to apply for a consultation.