You might be afraid to stand up and say that your work
is just not working for you.

But right now is the time for you to create a more soulful living.

This “work” transition you are in? It’s a spiritual one.

When it comes to creating more soulful work — whether that means a job change, starting your own business or setting off on a whole new career — it can be hard to know where to begin. You might even be so bogged-down and burnt-out by what you’re doing that isn’t working, that you don’t even know what you want anymore.

You just know that your work needs to be more soulful and supportive for you.

Understanding what’s getting in the way of you getting clear and taking a bold step into work that is more aligned with your heart and spirit can leave you feeling stuck and confused. There are a lot of questions, a lot of fears, and some personal growth and awareness to work through so you grow into the version of you who can take that next step with confidence.

When your ideas about yourself, what you do, what you value, what your value is, and how you want to contribute are all changing, it can feel as though you are lost. Your Spirit is guiding you onto a new path… new terrain.

So how do you figure out what is truly aligned with you and then step forward?

You embark on a journey to consciously bring awareness to who your spirit is asking you to become and work through the vibrational discrepancies between where you are and what you’re ready for.

This call to create a change in what you do is not just about finding another job or creating that “next thing” for your business.

Creating work that feels right and truly works for you is about you finding you… and then finding work in the world that allows you to express your big, beautiful YOU more fully.


I met a woman once who said, “Live a life that makes you want to leap out of bed every day.” Right now that may seem like an impossibility… a dreamer’s quote. And I get that. I’ve been there.

When you feel like the only way to get into a groove with your work is by forgetting what you desire or turning off your deep emotional and spiritual needs, then something is wrong.

Yes, what you do matters.
Is it time to make the leap toward a more soulful living?

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