If you’re on a journey of your own personal and spiritual growth, you might very well feel lost, confused, and unsure as to
what’s right for you at the moment. 

Big changes are happening. There’s an awakening that’s happening at a personal and collective level that’s instigating change. It’s pushing you to step into your power, align what you do with your spirit, show up more authentically, and even connect with your inner awareness and your own healing capabilities more deeply.

All that is awesome… although not always easy.

Growth happens when you can energetically reconcile where you are with where you want to be.

The thing is, you might not be sure about either of those. 

Before you can heal something, you need to be able to see it. You need a way to understand what’s in play emotionally and energetically. You need to experience yourself from a different perspective.

That’s what’s going to change you. That’s what’s really healing about our work together.

I am an energy healer. I get into your energy. But you know the old saying about giving a man a fish versus teaching a man to fish? It fits here.

Yes, I will help you shift your energy in ways that alone, you can’t.

I’m also going to teach you how to work energetically so you keep moving forward.

Your intuitive energetic awareness is the most awesome, creative, natural tool you have to support your personal and spiritual growth. Stand in the power of that, and you can move through anything.

There’s a lot of fluff out there that masks true transformation. That’s not my thing.

I’m not talking about sharing a bunch of New Age platitudes with you.

I’m here to help you create a deep connection with energy itself so you have the means for transforming what is holding you back and making new choices as to how you want to move forward.

Energy work — and you understanding your own way of accessing that — is deeply personal. There is nothing textbook about you finding your way into how the Universe and your own spirit speaks to you.

Let’s open your energetic mind to help you access a realm of information that’s not yet fully available to you.

To get there, we’ll open you up to your intuition, creativity, and even your own brand of magic. We’ll create bridges from energy and intuition into your day-to-day reality, so you find meaning in what you connect with. You’ll develop trust in the awareness that what you do “out there” in the energetic realm has an impact on you “down here,” in your day to day life.

That is transformation.

My work is to help you to learn that and then use what you gather to move forward in really grounded ways.

I will indeed help you shift your energy.

I’m also going to teach you how to shift it yourself.

To explore working with me, set up a consultation. Let’s talk about how I can support you in creating the change you seek.

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