A little about me…

Hi, I’m Stacy Vajta.

Stacy_IBSOil2I’m guessing you want the scoop on me… what I’m about and what I’m up to. So I’ll give you the short version of my transformation journey.

I was always an intuitive, energy sensitive kid, so looking back it doesn’t surprise me that in my twenties I started to focus on my intuition and psychic abilities with gusto! I soon realized I was activating an ability that was second nature to me, and I started to work with folks reading their energy and assisting in their personal growth and awareness.

That, has never stopped!

I was intrigued by the body, mind, spirit connection, so the intuitive work I was doing with people lead me into massage therapy. Since everyone I seemed to touch opened up and started to heal and release emotionally, I then headed back to school for a Master’s Degree in integral counseling. Finishing that program I knew I wanted to work with energy and transformation, so the talking aspect of “therapy” wasn’t for me. But I sure learned a lot about how people work through their own emotional processes.

So off I went to develop my own way of connecting into people’s transformation. And what I created was an integral, holistic process of: Psychic Work, Chakra Work, Multidimensional Energy Work, Polarity Work, CranioSacral Therapy, Light Language, Visualization, Coaching and Spiritual Mentorship — all to assist people in creating an embodied awareness of themselves as they moved through their own spiritual evolution.

And then I met Young Living Essential Oils. It was love at first sight.

Being so attuned to vibration as I am, I could feel their clarity. I could sense their frequency stories and how these essential oils were assisting me in my process. And I knew they were a powerful tool for transformation.

So Young Living essential oils are now part of my “transformational bag of powerful goodies,” and I assist others in using them for their own transformation and up-leveling. They are an amazing healing bridge between our vibrational and human selves.

mountainsSPHHaving moved to Asheville NC a while back, the Blue Ridge Mountains are my back yard. If you’ve never been to this part of the globe, it’s a must! The vibe is grounded, yet you’ll be called out to “step up” and live your fullest self.

So, here I am.

I happily work with folks all over the globe, teaching people about their own relationship to their energy and the transformative power of essential oils as a healing bridge between mind, body and spirit.

Here’s to you and your own embodied transformation!