Have you been looking for a place to learn to work with your energy…
and the energy of your Essential Oils?

This is it!

The Energy and Oil Work Mastery Forum is an on-going membership group where you’ll learn all about HOW you can work with your own energy and tap into the frequencies and energetic information your essential oils offer you.

Is this your thing?

This program is for you if you want to soak in all kinds of energetic know-how around how you engage and co-create with energy and the energy of your oils. Think of this like group coaching/healing… oily style.

Plain and simple… here’s what we are up to.

Each month I pick a theme for us to work on to support your own personal and spiritual growth. We may work on how to move through emotional blocks, getting clear on your vision, how to access information from your guides or working on resistance… life stuff!

Because folks join in to learn to work with energy, their oils, and their personal growth, everything we do is about helping you work through your stuff, raise your frequency and live your life in a big way. So, the sky is the limit!

This on-going group is part healing work and part instruction… as there are all kinds of guided energetic processes that you get to follow along with.

I pull back the curtain on how I work with my energy and my clients so you learn some new skills and ways to be thinking about your own growth.

It’s also part oil work because adding your essential oils into your energetic process work helps you to go even deeper and clear out what’s holding you back even faster. Everything you’ll do will include the help of your oils.

Why do this?

Well, for years people have asked me about working with energy… how I do it and what tips they can learn. And I love to share that information and help other energy-aware folks take their healing to new levels.

I’ve worked with some pretty energy-aware people in the last 30-years of doing energy work, and they’ve taken my somewhat non-traditional approach to energy work and multidimensional healing and truly deepened their own awareness.

You can too.

I also believe that it’s powerful for YOU to have a group of like-minded people to work with — other people who are invested in their healing and continual growth. It’s a tribe to support your healing.

And lastly, using your essential oils for personal and spiritual growth is crazy powerful. Learning about the oils will help you intuitively pick what you need when you need it. And learning some processes to deepen your healing work will give you a bigger toolkit – the means to use those oils.

You learning as much as you can about your energy and the way to work with your oils as a vibrational and emotional tool is what this program is all about.

It’s a wonderful way to receive healing and do your work.

Membership Options:
Monthly $39 | Quarterly $105 (save 10% ) | Yearly $375 (save 20%)

Each month I’ll be offering up a deep dive into HOW to think about energy, HOW to work with your energy, and HOW to add in your amazing Young Living essential oils to your personal healing work.

It’s all happening in a private Facebook group which you can check out all on your own schedule.

This is interactive learning so you get out there and practice what you learn. And with tons of engaging conversation about energy and oils at your fingertips, you’ll have a lot to pick and choose from, to learn all you want.

Join the tribe of energy oilers. Let’s get real with what energy work and oil work is all about.

Learn what you want to know.
Ask questions and expand not only your energetic know-how
but how you work with your oils… big time.

Monthly Membership is just $39

Other Membership Options:
Quarterly $105 (save 10% ) | Yearly $375 (save 20%)

What Does This Program Include?

  • 3 Facebook live talks per week – talking about certain oils, their energy and how to use them for your energetic transformation! Watch live or at your leisure — either way, you can ask questions, share comments and get the info you need. I’m in there answering and supporting you every day!
  • A monthly guided “oily meditation” recording to support you in your own process, based on the theme we are working on.
  • The community forum where you can connect with others “oilers” who are using their oils for physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic well-being.
  • Access to MP3 recordings of the live videos, so you can listen anytime, anywhere.
  • Access to the FULL library of past recordings.
  • A 20% discount on all pre-recorded audio and video coursework.
  • Discounts on live workshops and monthly healing events.
  • A special “forum” rate of $80 for a private Oil Work healing session with Stacy (save $$100!).

About the Facebook group 

The group is the cornerstone of the program. Participating there is a great way to help you master working with your energy and your oil work, quickly and concisely. It’s where you can learn, ask questions and share your wisdom!

Really, I am all your’s there… tap into my 30-years of energy work!

A few important details:

  • The forum archive is always active, and you’ll get access to it immediately upon sign up! Dive in!
  • The Facebook Live videos happen Monday’s at 12:00 pm Eastern, Wednesday’s at 5:00 pm Eastern and Friday’s at 10:00 am Eastern.
  • All subscriptions will automatically renew, with the day you enroll being the first day of your month of membership (or quarter, or yearly membership if you choose that option).
  • While the forum includes a private Facebook group, if you don’t wish to be on Facebook you can still enjoy all other benefits of the program. All the videos are saved as mp3!
  • I do have an affiliate program with this, so if you want to get your membership for free you can! Details are in your welcome letter.

Are you ready to master your Oil Work?

Monthly $39 | Quarterly $105 (save 10% ) | Yearly $375 (save 20%)