Have you been looking for a place to learn to work with your energy…
and the energy of your Essential Oils?

This is it!

The “Energy and Oil Work” group is a free group over on Facebook where you’ll learn all about HOW you can work with your own energy and tap into the frequencies and energetic information your essential oils offer you.

Is this your thing?

This oily group is for you if you want to soak in all kinds of energetic know-how around how you engage and
co-create with energy and the energy of your oils. Think of this like group coaching/healing… oily style.

Plain and simple… here’s what we are up to.

Each month I pick a theme for us to work on to support your own personal and spiritual growth. We may work on how to move through emotional blocks, getting clear on your vision, how to access information from your guides or working on resistance… life stuff!

And of course, we talk oils! Lots and lots of information around the frequency of essential oils and how to use them for emotional and energetic work.

Because folks join in to learn to work with energy, their oils, and their personal growth, everything we do is about helping you work through your stuff, raise your frequency and live your life in a big way. So, the sky is the limit!

I pull back the curtain on how I work with my energy and my clients so you learn some new skills and ways to be thinking about your own growth.

Join the tribe of energy oilers.

It’s all happening in a private Facebook group which you can check out all on your own schedule.