Oil Work.

That’s what I call using essential oils — power tools — alongside energy work.

Essential oils hold this duality to them. Because of this, they are a powerful support for every system within your body and they are an amazing vibrational tool to help you organize energetic information and hold new frequencies in ways that are fully integrated with your body and body consciousness.

Here’s how I see it:

Essential oils help you to integrate all the energy work that you do with your body so that you can more easily process the emotional stuff you are working with. And, as a result, have it stick.

To work with essential oils for vibrational work, you need to be working with high-frequency oils like Young Living.

Not all essential oils are equal. And, here’s the thing, I know that you’re seeing oils everywhere.

You’ll see essential oils out there labeled “organic” and you’ll think you’re getting a safe, high-vibe product. But did you know that to label something organic a company only needs to have 5% organic material in that bottle?

It’s important to know that most essential oils you’ll see out there have fillers or synthetics in them. And if you are working with the energetic information within those oils to help you transform your energy and access a new awareness, using oils that have all kinds of junk in there is like listening to the radio with a ton of static.

I’m sensitive to energy and energetic information. And I will tell you, there are no oils out there that speak to me as clearly as my Young Living essential oils do. I believe it’s how the plants are grown and taken care of, and the intention behind their purpose.

Here’s how I use my Young Living essential oils to help me with my energy work.

  • to quickly access blocked emotional energy and to help me to clear that energy with a greater awareness.
  • as a bridge between the energy I am working with and my body, so the shifts I create fully integrate.
  • to help me ground my energy.
  • for quickly shifting my energy and emotional state back into balance.
  • as a level of information — accessing the plant wisdom to understand more of my own process.
  • to support various body systems that are impacted by my emotional process.
  • maintaining a high-frequency lifestyle.

The list goes on and on.

I teach how I work with my oils alongside my energetic process in my Energy and Oil Work Mastery Forum. So if you already work with Young Living essential oils, check that out.

And if you are not yet an oiler, let’s get you oiled up!

Give your body a way to integrate all the energy work you are doing.

If you’re ready to get started using Young Living essential oils, let’s talk. I’m committed to supporting you in learning about essential oils so you use them in ways that help you manage your energy and live the high-frequency lifestyle you seek.

Getting started is super easy… you can do one of two things.

  1. Contact me and I will answer questions and get you set up. Shoot me an email and let me know how to contact you.
  2. Place your own retail or starter kit order here!

Young Living gives you options. If you simply want to get a bottle or two, head to my Everyday Oil Work website and check out the products. When you’re ready to check out, enroll as a retail customer and shop away.

Honestly, though, there’s is a better way to start oiling than just getting a bottle here and there.

The best way to start is to get a kit and let me help you learn how to use essential oils. 

To get the absolute best bang for your buck, get the Premium Starter Kit. You get a 50% discount on some of the best oils on the planet and all the tools you need to start living an oily lifestyle.

Every single one of the oils in the starter kit can be used to support you across all levels of your experience… in fact, I use them all with clients to support the transformational work we do!

The kit includes 11 amazing oils (you’re getting started with the best of the best) + a diffuser.

You also get a roll-on attachment, 10 essential oil samples, Ningxia Red samples, reference materials, and of course your membership. A $300+ value for $160!

As a member, you receive a 24% discount on products. And if you are like most folks, once you start using your oils, you will want to keep using them; getting your Young Living essential oils at wholesale pricing is a great deal.

There are NO Minimum Orders. NO Monthly Fees. NO Obligations. NO Selling Requirements. {How refreshing!}

Plus, you get me!

Figuring out the world of essential oils can be intimidating. But don’t worry, I’m here to help. v

I want you to work with your oils and your energy, so once you get them I’ll help you to learn how to work with not only your starter kit but all the other amazing Young Living essential oils that are so powerful for energetic and emotional work.

To get your oils, you can do one of two things.

  1. Place your own retail or starter kit order here! I’ll follow up with you right away and support you along the way.
  2. Contact me and I will answer questions and get you set up.

Here’s to you making the best choice ever for your well-being!