How about some sweet drops of inspiration
to help you on your journey?

The Everyday Lightworker podcast is all about bite-size chunks of inspiration and wisdom
to help you with your healing, your spiritual growth, your energetic work, and soulful everyday living.

You may not call yourself a “lightworker,” but I know you are on a journey of healing and awareness.
You may see yourself as a priestess, a healer, or as one who does magic.

You may not even define yourself in any way, but I bet you feel the call to explore
your own inner world, and live a soul-aligned life… every day.

What if you had a guide — a fellow traveler
to make your journey just a little bit easier?

I know I’d love to have you join me.

In The Everyday Lightworker Podcast, I offer a short “semi-weekly” chat to get you
thinking about and working with your energy in new ways, to live more fully.

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